This certifies__________________________ herein referred to as the Mare Owner, has engaged one breeding to

CHIPS HOT CHOCOLATE for the ______ breeding season at $_______ for the following mare:

Mare Name: ___________________________ Breed________________Reg No _______________ Year foaled: _______

Down the Rail Performance Prospects, agent for the above named stallion, will herein be referred to as Breeder. The service is engaged subject to the following:
1. This contract is good for one foal. Multiple foals from the same mare in the same breeding season will require a separate contract and breeding fee for each resulting foal. The only exception to this would be twins that are carried throughout term and foaled by one mare.
2. A container deposit of $250.00 will be charged. It will be refunded to mare owner at the end of breeding season provided all containers are returned and upon notification to Breeder of pregnancy status of mare. Mare Owner is responsible for returning container to the breeder at Mare Owner's expense within 5 days. If the container is not back in our office in 5 days, there will be a $10 per day daily rental fee assessed and deducted from the container deposit.
3. A non-refundable booking fee of $_______ from the above breeding fee is payable with this contract and the balance of $_______ plus the service charge for one shipment and the container deposit are due before any semen will be shipped.
4. A photocopy of the registration papers shall be sent to the Breeder with this contract.
5. Shipping days will be: February/March- odd numbered days; April/May- even numbered days; June/July- odd numbered days. We highly recommend sending your mare to a vet clinic or breeding farm for her heat cycle. They will coordinate optimum shipping times with us.
6. The Breeder must be notified no later than 3PM Central Time on the day before the shipment is to be sent. Semen will be shipped on collection days only on an "as available" basis. Mares sent to Breeder will receive preference for semen availability.
7. Shipped semen services charges will be as follows: (1) U.S. lower 48 states - shipped Federal Express Priority Overnight at $275.00 per shipment or by airplane at $350.00 per shipment. (2) Canadian shipments - Federal Express $300.00 or by airplane at $375.00 per shipment. Additional charge for Saturday Federal Express deliveries will be $25.00. Semen picked up and taken to another ranch will be treated as transported semen. There is no charge for the first pick up, $50.00 will be charged for each subsequent pick up. These charges must be paid prior to each shipment.
8. The breeding season in force for this contract shall begin February 1 and close July 15 of the year on this contract.
9. Live Foal Guarantee: Live foal means the foal shall stand and nurse. It is understood that if the mare proves barren, aborts her foal, or if foal is stillborn a return season is guaranteed for the following year only, providing proper notification is given. Proper notification is a written certification by a licensed veterinarian within seven days that the mare has slipped, or produced a non-viable foal. Mare owner certifies that such abortion or death did not result from any act or omission of the Owner. Booster rhinopneumonitis vaccinations must be administered as indicated by the individual drug manufacturer as the mare progresses through her pregnancy. Failure to do this will void the Live Foal Guarantee.
10. Third year rebreeds are subject to an additional booking fee plus any increases in the breeding fee. No live foal guarantee on third year rebreeds.
11. Should the above named stallion die, or become unfit for service, or if the above named mare should die during breeding season, then the Mare Owner may substitute another mare or breed the mare to another stallion standing at the Breeder's facility that is agreed to by both the Mare Owner and Breeder.
12. A breeders certificate will be issued to Mare Owner after all expenses have been paid in full and upon notification of birth of foal.
13. The signing of this contract entitles Breeder to charge 12% annual interest on all past due invoices. Past due billing is defined as those amounts not paid within 30 days of invoicing.
14. This contract is governed by the laws of the state of Texas. All accounts are due and payable in Cooke County, Texas, in U.S. Dollars. Paint Color Guarantee: Rebreed in ______ only with a $600.00 chute fee.
15. This contract is not valid unless completed in full. When Mare Owner signs and returns the contract and booking fee to Breeder, Breeder will notify Mare Owner within 10 days of approval. Upon notification, it will become a binding contract on both parties, subject to the above terms and conditions.

Shipping Information:
Ship to: _______________________________________

Address: ______________________________________

City/ST/Zip: ___________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________

Alt. Phone: ________________ Fax: _______________

Preferred Major Airport:__________________________

Credit Card #: ______________________Exp: _______

Authorization Signature: _________________________

Owner Information:
Date: _________________________________________

Owner/Agent: __________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________

Address: _______________________________________

City/ST/Zip: ____________________________________

Work Phone: ____________ Home Phone: ___________

Cell: ___________________Fax: ___________________

Email: _________________________________________

Down The Rail Performance Prospects
Joe & Suzy Jeane · 188 Trails End · Valley View, Texas 76272
Phone: 940·668·8553 · Fax: 940·668·2511 · Email · Website
Office Manager: Connie West

Office number 940-668-8553

Shipped Semen Guidelines


It is very important that you work closely with a veterinarian or someone familiar with equine reproduction and artificial insemination techniques. With shipped semen we offer a one year only rebreed at Down The Rail Performance Prospects for the following year.

All charges pertaining to shipped semen are your responsibility and must be paid for before any semen will be shipped to your mare. These include:

1.     Booking, breeding, chute fees, shipped semen service charges, and the container deposit.

2.     You are also responsible for returning the container to Down The Rail Performance Prospects within five days of receiving it, or you will be assessed a $10.00/day rental fee applied to your container deposit.

3.     Container deposits will be refunded upon receipt of the container, the stallion owner copy of insemination form and notification of the pregnancy status of your mare.

4.     In the event that you need semen shipped on a day when Federal Express does not pick up in our area (Saturdays & Sundays) or deliver to yours, we will need to send it counter to counter to you to a major airport in your area.

5.     Semen picked up at the farm is no charge for first request and $50 for each subsequent pick up.

Breeding/Shipping days for Down The Rail Performance Prospects are as follows: February & March will be odd numbered days. April & May will be on even numbered days. June & July will be odd numbered days. Shipped semen will be on an “as available” basis with mares that have been sent to the ranch having priority on semen availability. Requests for shipped semen must be received at the ranch by 3 p.m. Central Time the day before the shipping day. The breeding barn and ranch office have to coordinate shipped semen for many stallions, and usually ship out several shipments from each stallion on the same day. Please do not call at noon on a shipping day to request semen. By then the semen has all been allocated to other mares and shipments have already been sent.

We need phone numbers where the ranch office can reach you on a shipping day in order to give you tracking numbers and/or flight schedules on the shipments. If you are away from that number and therefore haven’t heard from us by noon on a shipping day, please call us by 2 pm Central Time so that we may give you that information.

Our usual office hours are 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. However, during breeding season we have extended office hours and days. When we are not able to answer the phone, the answering machine will take your call, and we will call you back as soon as possible. The office number is 940-668-8553. Or, you may call Joe's cell phone (940-372-8553) from 7AM-8AM and 4:30PM-8PM.



Terms and conditions for discounts on the Stallion Service and Shipped Semen contracts for CHIPS HOT CHOCOLATE, standing at Down The Rail Performance Prospects in Valley View, Texas.

CHIPS HOT CHOCOLATE - $1750 Breeding fee- (Includes $600 booking fee)

  • $1575 each - for Multiple mares; 2 or more in one year. (Includes $600 booking fee for each mare).
  • Only one discount per mare will be given.